After the release of their independent effort ‘Luck’ in 2000 and a slew of dynamic live performances, Minuit emerged with their debut album ‘The 88’, released by indie label Tardus Music in 2003.

Fronted by the enigmatic and utterly gorgeous Ruth Carr, whose ‘coquettish yet threatening’ persona entrances and adds the mystique to Minuit; it is however the inventive breakbeat arsenal delivered by bandmates Ryan Beehre and Paul Dodge that gives this act, and their records, its dynamic sonic punch, without ever losing sight of the desire to create fantastic songs.

Because for Minuit that is what it’s about. The songs. While the adventurous may be able to batter out these tracks on an acoustic guitar on a Sunday afternoon…they are best heard via Minuit’s weapon of choice, electronic machinery, on a huge thumping PAs built to rattle your ribcage and, as Ruth says, “with shuddering gallant basslines making you feel like you are made of steel”

Mixed by Ryan Beehre and mastered by Emily Lazar (The Prodigy) at The Lodge in New York City, current fans wont be disappointed, with a harder edge and that “sense of personality” that makes them so endearing.


Minuit: www.minuit.co.nz, minuitlikesbreaks@yahoo.com

Booking: h@strikeagency.co.nz

Promo: mark@isaacpromotions.com

Label: mark@tardusmusic.co.nz