Module is the Brain Child of New Zealand Musician/Producer Jeramiah Ross who has had a active and rather busy musical career which began at 4 years old with the Grand Piano and classical music training.

During his early teens Jeramiah Performed in lots of bands playing different instruments ranging from Bass, Guitar and began experimenting with a Amiga 500 and a 4 track recorder, playing live over pre-programmed beats and began working as a session musician in various studios around New Zealand.

His early 20’s saw him spend alot of time writing albums, studying, and learning the art of studio production he self released his first 2 albums which gained the attention of the press and Radio and NZ's biggest independent Record company LOOP Recordings which he is currently signed to. In 2003 he came up with the name module and released his 15 track module album ‘Remarkable Engines’ late 2005 to 5 star reviews it featured well known New Zealand Artists such as Rhian Sheehan, Paul Mclaney and is a cumulation of Jeramiah’s musical output mixing live electronica and live instrumentation. It also came with a bonus disk called ‘Movement’ which features original Acoustic Piano works.

Module shows are known for their fun live energy and the integration of a live band and electronic setups and visuals. And mixture of electronic styles, ranging from 80‘s inspired electro, Triphop , Dub, Breaks and Drum and Bass


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