Shapeshifter is a live Drum & Bass act from New Zealand who formed in 1999 after the four founding members met at music school.

By fusing an exciting mix of live instruments, vocals and electronic beats together, Shapeshifter have been uplifting crowds throughout Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Australia for many years.

What sets Shapeshifter apart from other groups is their use of organic instruments (drums, saxophone, guitar, percussion and horns) as well as synthesizers and keyboards to create a genre of music that has previously been restricted to pre-sequenced or pre-recorded performances.

Shapeshifter’s uniquely energizing and uplifting music was a perfect fit for the GripShift soundtrack. The Shapeshifter tracks featured on GripShift are Long White Cloud and Shakedown from Shapeshifter’s second album, the Riddim Wise LP.

The choice of the music track Long White Cloud is also a subtle reference to the location of GripShift developer Sidhe Interactive. New Zealand or by its indigenous name, Aotearoa means ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’

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